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Practice Areas
Real Estate - We have over 13 years experience guiding our clients through both residential and commercial real estate transactions. Whether you are buying or selling, you will require an attorney with a wealth of knowledge to help you avoid the potential pitfalls inherent to the real estate market.

Criminal Law – An effective advocate is vital when your liberty may be at stake. We have vast experience handling misdemeanors and felonies on both the District and Superior Court levels. Having excellent counsel can mean the difference between a dismissal and an active sentence. We zealously represent our client's best interest and work tirelessly to obtain the most ideal results.

Traffic Law – Many citizens attempt to handle their own traffic matters often rendering results that leave them in a far worse predicament than they started. Don’t make that mistake. Allow The Ellison Law Firm to provide you with an experienced attorney who has successfully handled thousands of traffic matters. 

Child Support - Are you behind on your child support? Due Process is still applicable and effective representation is a must. The Ellison Law Firm is here to help you get things back on track. We have the experience and knowledge to obtain the best possible results.

Landlord-Tenant - The law of residential leasing is complicated and ever evolving. The Ellison Law Firm has experience representing landlords and tenants. The Housing Authority of Winston-Salem is the city’s largest landlord. If they continue to rely on the Ellison Law Firm to represent their landlord tenant matters, shouldn’t you?

Property Bonds - Can't hire a bail bondsman? A property bond might be a valuable alternative. We do more property bonds in Forsyth County than any other firm. Contact us and learn your options.

Wills  - It is important to prepare for any of life's expected and unexpected ordeals. Let us help you prepare and you will feel safe knowing your family will be provided for.  We offer services in drafting wills, power of attorney documents and estate planning.